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Please note:  Voluntary contributions by individuals are subject to a contribution limit of $150,000 during a calendar year to all sources and $84,400 to a political action committee.   The annual donation limit for a corporation is $5,000 in a calendar year to all sources.  Each affiliated or subsidiary corporation, if a separate legal entity, has its own contribution limit.  For more information on contribution limits in New York, please visit the New York State Board of Elections website at http://www.elections.state.ny.us.

Contributions to the NYCPAC are not tax deductible for state or federal tax purposes.  The Federal Election Commission (FEC) prohibits contributions from individuals who are not citizens or permanent residents of the US.  Contributions by one person in the name of another person are prohibited. PAC contributions are also not reimbursable by an employer or any other entity.


In the case you wish to change or cancel your contribution, please contact us at 845.228.8319 or via e-mail at
in. You may request a full or partial credit, which will be reflected on your credit card statement.


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