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Why should you contribute to NYCPAC?

No one doctor of chiropractic can raise the kind of money necessary to shape the political process in New York State.  To be effectual, this must be a community effort.  When you combine your resources with other local doctors of chiropractic, you become part of a high-powered statewide effort to elect candidates and promote policymaking that supports the profession of chiropractic.  As educated and understanding lawmakers are elected and positive information is provided to policymakers, NYSCA gains even more credibility and effectiveness.  Remember, no contribution is too small!  Also, please note that your participation or non-participation in NYCPAC does not in any way affect your membership in NYSCA.

Become part of the solution!  We have designed a process to make it easy to donate to the NYCPAC.  NYCPAC can accept "one-time" donations from you or can conveniently set up an automatic monthly contribution from your credit or debit card.  Stand behind your profession and donate today!

The annual NYCPAC donation limit for corporations is $5,000 for all contributions in a calendar year.  Each affiliated or subsidiary corporation, if a separate legal entity, has its own limit.  If you are writing a personal check, then your contribution limit is $150,000 during a calendar year to all sources and $84,400 to a political action committee.  For more information on contribution limits in New York, please visit the New York State Board of Elections website.


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